Facts about a Career in Truck Driving

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If long-haul (also known as, OTR truck drivers) were to stop working, grocery stores would go empty in three days. Most people don’t realize the importance of truck drivers. Next time you honk at one on the road, remember that they’re hauling all the stuff you expect to see at your grocery store. In fact, truck drivers transport about 71% of all goods in the United States

In this era of online shopping, next day shipping, and globalization, the need for truck drivers has never been more prominent. In an article released by NPR, there is an estimated need for 900,000 drivers.

Being a truck driver has its perks. For one, OTR drivers can see parts of the country they may have not seen otherwise. Secondly, the pay is great with lots of variety depending on which market you’re serving. Finally, the benefits that accompany truck driving make it a stable long-term career

Here are some things to know about a career in truck driving:

    • How many truck drivers are there in the United States?

There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States. They make about 6% of the total full-time work force. Though a male dominated industry, there is a growing population of female truck drivers.

    • Is there an age requirement?

Interstate commerce regulation requires drivers to be 21. Although, there are some states that allow CDL license holders to drive within the state’s borders before they are 21. The best thing about a career in truck driving is that is viable for a ranges of age groups. The average age for a commercial truck driver is 55.

    • What education and licenses are required?

Most companies are looking for driver who at the minimum have a high school diploma or a GED. Besides that, drivers are required to have a CDL license. There are three classes of CDL licenses you may need depending on what you are driving/ transporting. Many companies also require proof that you attended a commercial driving educational course.

    • What is the average salary?

Salary depends on the market you are serving and which region of the country your company is based in. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the median pay for a truck driver is $43,680. An interactive map by DataUSA revealed that in South East Arkansas the average salary is $76,708, whereas in South Los Angeles, California, the average salary is $34,279.

    • How much time do truck drivers spend on the road?

The US Department of Transportation regulates the hours of which truck drivers can stay on the road. Some of their regulations include each duty period beginning with at least 10-hours off-duty, a limit of 11 hours of drive time, and a mandatory 30-minute break by their eighth hour of duty.

    • What benefits come with truck driving?

Benefits vary from company to company. Although, there are two universal benefits – travel and a growing job market. With Mid South Transport, our benefits allow for a stable and long-term career. They offer single and family medical/dental insurance, a safe driving bonus, sign on bonus, a 401k with company match, paid vacation time, and much more!

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