Spring Cleaning for Your Cab

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After long hours of driving and traveling through different states, it is common for truck drivers to be practically living in their trucks. Spring is nearly here & most fleets have gone through ice, rain, snow, and sand during these winter months. It is inevitable that these vehicles needs a little TLC. It’s time for some spring cleaning.

Here are 3 Spring cleaning tips for your trucks.

  • Wash & Wax Exterior
  • Organize & Disinfect Interior
  • Springtime Tune-up

Wash & Wax Exterior

During long drives, dirt and grime will accumulate on the undercarriage and the exterior of your truck. To start off your spring cleaning, investing in a great power wash + wax service is a satisfying way to quickly give your truck some sparkle & shine. Waxing the exterior is beneficial to protect the truck against strong, color-fading UV rays in the spring and summer.

Organize & Disinfect Interior

Drivers are constantly getting in and out of the cab, bringing dirt, sand, and grass inside the interior. Cleaning their interior is a habit that all drivers should have, but spring cleaning is a great excuse to roll up your sleeves.

Empty out all the compartments, shake out all your floor mats, and vacuum every nook and cranny. If you notice any major stains, shampooing the carpets and upholstery will be an option to consider. Then wipe everything down. Cup holders are a common spot for breeding bacteria, grease, or stickiness, but don’t forget the steering wheel, seats, dashboard, and all handles.

One driver recently sent us this helpful pro tip on tackling odors in the trailer: sprinkle a small bag of coffee around, let it set for 20 or 30 minutes, and then sweep up the coffee grounds and effectively kill that bad smell!

Springtime Tune Up

At MST, we know that routine engine servicing helps ensure a truck will have prolonged life, and reduces the chances of unplanned and costly expenses. Springtime and renewal puts upkeep on everyone’s minds, though, so this is a good time make sure your truck is running efficiently on the roads. Tires, brakes, lights, wipers, and fluid levels should be examined accordingly.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, our drivers health and safety is a top priority for MST. Despite the pandemic, we are still open for business and working every day to keep the country running! Interested in helping? We are accepting applications from experienced drivers. Read more HERE