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Warehousing goods and products offers a number of benefits, both for small businesses and large corporations. Mid South Transport (MST) is conveniently located in Middle America’s major trucking corridor, making MST services an ideal solution for companies who want to capitalize on this regional distribution hub.

MST serves businesses of all types and sizes, including local and regional manufacturers, distributors, and national retailers. We currently store a wide variety of products in our warehouses, including:

  • Raw materials
  • Outdoor activity gear
  • Automotive parts and more.

products we store Warehouse Services Memphis

Choosing to house your goods in a warehouse may seem like a small decision, but choosing the right warehouse can actually improve your business and operational model. Our years of experience in logistics have taught us how valuable this can be for businesses.

bENEFITS of Warehousing


6 Key Benefits of Warehousing are:

1.  Minimize Business Risks: Our building and the lot are secured and under 24/7 surveillance. Warehousing companies take on all risks associated with the storage of goods, so that even if an incident does occur, you can rest assured that your goods are fully insured.

2. Inventory Management: Using Mid South Transport’s customer portal, you can securely log in and view your inventory at any time and from anywhere.

3. Price Stabilization: It may be hard to tell when price fluctuation will occur. Reduce the effect that this has on your expenses by storing your excess supply offsite until you need it.

4. Packaging and Labeling: MST warehousing solutions go beyond just storage, and offer additional services to prepare your materials for shipment. We have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure in place to efficiently package, and label all of your goods.

5. Expansion Opportunity: Outsourcing the storage of your goods allows your company to focus on its core business, which is the production or distribution of goods. Warehousing with MST can help you reduce overhead and supply chain costs, and reallocate those resources to ensure that you meet consumer demands.

6. Duty-Free Storage for Imported Goods: MST is a U.S. Customs bonded warehouse, which means you can store imported goods for up to five years from without payment of duty. Duties on goods stored in customs bonded warehouses are not collected until the items are withdrawn for consumption, giving the merchandise buyer an extended period of time for financial and logistics planning.


Two Locations in West and Middle Tennessee

Our U.S. Customs bonded warehouse has ample space for your goods and products. We service the Mid-South and Middle Tennessee regions with two locations in Memphis and Smyrna, just outside Nashville. Memphis is one of the top logistics hubs in North America, and our warehouse is conveniently located for easy access to the region’s many distribution resources.

Warehouse Services Memphis and Nashville

Could your business benefit from warehousing services in the Memphis or Nashville area? To request a quote or to learn more about MST, contact us today!