7 Truck Driving Safety Tips for Storms

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Spring Storm Safety Tips for Over the Road Truck Drivers

Spring has sprung! It’s time to welcome April showers and May flowers. Now is the time to be more cautious of heavy rains, thunderstorms and flooding. Thunderstorms are characterized by heavy rains, thunder, and lightning. Thunderstorms become severe if hail is one inch or more, a tornado becomes present, or if the winds go above 57.5mph. Thunderstorms are more common during the spring and summer seasons. There are approximately 100,000 thunderstorms in the US every year, and about 10% of those are severe thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms are more likely to occur in the afternoon if you are driving through the gulf coast, the southeastern states, and western states. If you are driving through the plains of the US, thunderstorms are more likely to occur in the late afternoon and night.

Here are 7 tips to keep you safe on the road this spring.

7 Safety Tips for Driving in Storms

  1. Plan ahead

    We can’t see the future, but we can at least make our best guess. Before heading out on your route, especially for OTR truck drivers, you should look at the weather ahead. If it’s clear skies, great! If it looks like rain, remember these tips.

  2. Increase following distance

    When driving through heavy rains or any dangerous weather conditions, leaving extra space between you and others on the road is your best safety cushion. Wet roads make it harder to come to a complete stop because of the decreased traction to the ground. If you brake abruptly, you could end up jack knifing.

    However, remember that not everyone on the road is as cautious as you are. Be wary of other drivers skidding into you.

  3. Lean into the Skid

    Yes, despite a semitruck’s enormous size, they can also skid. The number one rule for when this happens is to remain calm. Do not panic. First, slowly attempt to straighten your trailer by steering in the direction of the skid. Don’t overdo it. Second, do not hit the brakes. Take your foot off all of the pedals and let your truck naturally slow down.

  4. Avoid flooded areas

    Your truck may seem indestructible, but semitrucks are just as likely to get stuck or swept away by flood waters. It is never safe to drive through flood waters. 12 inches of moving water can sweep away most cars. If you add another 12 inches, the water can sweep away SUVs and Trucks.

  5. Clean your lights

    Visibility is a problem in almost any driving condition, except for when its sunny and 75. When it comes to dark skies and heavy rains, smaller cars, or cars stopped on the shoulder of the road are harder to see. Give your head lights a good cleaning so you can see others, and others can see you.

  6. Morning Fog

    Getting a jump start on the day can sometimes start with dense fog, especially in early spring. For better visibility, use your low beams, wipers and defrosters to evaporate the moisture on the windshield.

  7. Pull Over

    If visibility becomes zero, or you feel that the conditions are truly unsafe, find a suitable place to pull over. Continuing to drive not only puts your life in danger, but others also on the roadway.

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