Truck Driving Safety Checklist for Snow and Ice

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The polar vortex is back with a vengeance. One of the biggest safety hazards when driving any vehicle is driving in the snow or ice. Every winter, more than 1300 people are killed on icy and snowy roads, and more than 116,000 are injured. Keep yourself and others safe by going through this truck driving safety checklist for Snow and Ice 

1.Brake and Accelerate slowly  

Slow down – winter conditions mean less traction. Gunning the brakes or the accelerator can lead to losing control. Under no circumstance should you Jake Break in icy conditions! Drivers should brake slowly, and brake fully when you know your truck is straight.  

2. Winter Driving Kit  

Be prepared! Keep your tank full and pack a winter driving kit in case you get stuck. Although, you can just make this your emergency kit for any season. Specifically, for winter, some of the things you should include in your kit are: a bag of salt or sand, windshield scraper for ice and snow removal, and tire chains. For more things to include, look for the graphic at the bottom.  

3. Keep a Safe Driving Distance  

Just like driving in ideal conditions, leave yourself cushion room. Although, you must be more cautious of this in winter conditions. Driving in winter conditions could make it harder to brake, so leave cushion room. Also, do not travel in a pack. If one of the leaders of the pack makes a mistake, it could result in pile-up accident. Don’t follow too close! 

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