Tis the Season To Thank a Truck Driver

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During the holiday season, the unknown gift-giver isn’t really Santa, it’s truck drivers! Trucks are the only vehicles that run more miles than Santa’s sleigh.

It is easy to forget where goods and presents come from and how they got to where they are. Things like clothes, food, toys, and electronics are more than likely transported to local stores and establishments by trucks.

Before we discuss the importance of the truck driving industry and the people who make it what it is, let’s give a moment to thank these hard workers for delivering all the goods and products during this holiday season. They truly are the backbone of making Christmas and the holidays special!

Thank you to all the workers at Mid South Transport and all other truck drivers that work hard on the holidays!

Truck Driving During the Holidays

Growing numbers of packages and goods to consumers are on the rise which increases the number of truckloads that occur. It is of the utmost importance that drivers should be even more cautious on the roads with busy traffic and inclement weather conditions.

We will discuss the spike of e-commerce and how it affects the trucking industry, a few safety tips for truck drivers on the road during the holidays, and how Mid South Transport makes sure that their employees to have quality time with their family, especially during the holiday season.

  • Growing Numbers = More Truck Drivers
  • Holiday Traffic and Safety Tips
  • Home for the Holidays

Growing Numbers = Busy Truck Drivers

It is no secret that currently, it is the busiest time of year for retail and shipping industries, and especially with the increase in technology, e-commerce is excelling record number sales each year. According to Digital Commerce 360, it states that 60% of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping online, and it was estimated that shoppers spent $122 billion with online retailers alone.

This increase in e-commerce has assisted in paving the way for more demand inside the warehouse and shipping industry. There has been a growth in the employment rates for couriers and messengers because of e-commerce.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, couriers and messengers were the second-fastest-growing U.S. industry in 2018. With the growing demand for the shipping and packaging industry as well, freight movement is projected to increase 64% in the next 21 years. The U.S. Department of Transportation states that it expects the value of freight moved to increase from $882 per ton in 2007 to $1,377 per ton in 2040.

Holiday Traffic & Safety Tips

Truck drivers are out there on the roads with frantic holiday shoppers and travelers. In these hectic settings, safety and precaution must be maintained to avoid collisions with fellow drivers.

According to AAA, they have been tracking holiday travel over the last year and found that 112.5 million travelers are on the nation’s roads, runways, and rails during the holidays. More Americans will travel by car this season than ever before.

Here are a few safety tips that should be taken into consideration during this busy season for truck drivers:

  • Minimize lane change: It is more dangerous to move from one lane to another while on the road. Take it slow and cruise on by in the right lane.
  • Driver hours of service: A trucker cannot go beyond 11 hours of driving within 24-hours. Take care of your body, get plenty of sleep, and don’t overexert yourself.
  • Be patient in winter conditions: During the winter season, harsh weather is always something to consider. In bad conditions, rushing to finish a job is never a risk worth taking. Be mindful of other cars around you and give enough space between vehicles. Slower speeds ensure safety for everyone.

Home for the Holidays

Mid South Transport knows the importance of family. Unlike other trucking companies, we offer drivers the benefit of making it home on the weekends, special occasions, and for any unforeseen emergencies.

Our truck drivers go home to their families for the holidays. Check out our video on our driver benefits!

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